The Sales of Avocado Up by 22,000 Times in Eight Years!

The sales of avocado in China increased by 22,000 times in 8 years! If selecting the  marketing king in the fruit industry, the online popular fruit avocado is undoubtedly the winner.

According to Customs data, China imported 43,900 tons of avocado in 2018, increasing about 22,000 times compared with two tons in 2010. According to the 2019 Online Avocado Products Consumption Insight Report released by CBN Data, avocado once again ranked among the top ten imported fruit in terms of sales volume. It is worth mentioning that although the so-call “quality” and “healthy” avocados are popular in first- and second-tier cities, however, in recent years, the sales share of third-tier cities and below has increased significantly, and the consumption growth rate has been much higher than that of the former.

There is no doubt that these pricey things are upstarting, which indicates that the popularization of avocado has sunk to third- and fourth-tier cities successfully. The report also shows that no matter where in the country, females are the main consumers of imported avocados. Not only the proportion of female consumer far exceeds that of men, but also its growth rate is far ahead.

In terms of age distribution, middle-aged and young consumers under the age of 45 accounted for 90% of the total consumer population, contributing nearly 90% of the sales share; the consumption frequency of 26 to 45 years old consumers showed an upward trend with age. In contrast, the growth rate of consumers in all ages in the third-tier cities and below are generally faster than that of first- and second-tier cities.

It is understood that in recent years, the active expand of China’s logistics industry and fresh food e-commerce has facilitated the penetration of imported avocado into third- and fourth-tier cities. Many major avocado enterprises have seized the opportunity. In 2016, the global avocado giant Mission Produce announced a partnership with Lantao and PAGODA to establish an avocado ripening center to carry out the distribution business of ripe avocados under the brand Mr. Avocado.

In June 2018, the company opened a second ripening center in Huizhou, Guangdong, to cover the supply in South China, Southwest and Central China. Public reports show that Mr. Avocado owns an average daily sales volume of 70,000.

South American fruit and vegetable giant Camposol, in conjunction with Dole China, has rolled out the marketing of Haas Avocado since last year. Settled in more than 80 stores of Sam’s Club, Ole’ Supermarket, and Carrefour, the company claims that it has covered 26 cities in China, many of which are second- and third-tier cities.

Apparently, the rapid popularization of avocado in the third- and fourth-tier cities is related to its decreasing price. According to the relative data, the price was up to 80 yuan/piece when the goods just entered China. Each bite on it cost an arm and leg. But now, the situation changed. The pricey fruit has gradually stepped down to enter the home of average consumers, especially winning the hearts of youth who pursue health and quality of life.

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Source: China Fruit Portal