Fruit Expo 2020 to Be a Big Hit!

Firstly, Fruit Expo 2020 will take full advantage of its geographic location. Staged in Guangzhou, one of the biggest fruit trade hubs in Southeast Asia, Fruit Expo 2020 is in the vicinity of Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, one of the largest fruit and vegetable wholesale markets in China and even in Southeast Asia.

Secondly, Fruit Expo 2020 will be staged on a show floor of 30,000 sq.m, hosting 500+ exhibitors and 30,000 visitors, with supports from China Fruit Marketing Association (China’s biggest fruit association), Guangzhou-located consulates of Thailand, Chile, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Greece, and etc.

Last but not least, Fruit Expo 2020 will be concurrently held with World Fruit Industry Conference 2020 where the latest technology and trends will be shared with its attendees!

FRUIT EXPO is an unprecedented opportunity for you to expand your reach in China!


Source: Fruit Expo  & WFIC