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  • The Sales of Avocado Up by 22,000 Times in Eight Years!

    The sales of avocado in China increased by 22,000 times in 8 years! If selecting the  marketing king in the fruit industry, the online popular fruit avocado is undoubtedly the winner. According to Customs data, China imported 43,900 tons of avocado in 2018, increasing about 22,000 times compared with two tons in 2010. According to […]

  • Imported Fruit is Getting Favored

    While the domestic fruit prices are rising, China’s import of fruit in recent years has been growing rapidly year by year. Customs statistics show that in 2018, the total quantity and amount of imported fruits in China maintained a massive growth, of which the total quantity reached 5.527 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 25%; […]

  • Analysis of China’s Fruit Industry in 2019

    Since 2019, the price of fresh fruit has been rising. From May to June, the fruit prices in China peaked and some even renew the record of the past ten years. Fruit Prices Will Decline in the Second Half of 2019 According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), in July 2019, the price of […]

  • Agro Award 2019

    PRAN Agro Business Limited Has Received Agro Award 2019. PRAN works with one lakh contractual farmers across the country. The group collects mango, tomato, cassava, spice, rice, milk from the contractual farmers and manufactures agro-processing products. PRAN Agro Business Limited, a sister concern of PRAN Group has received Standard Chartered-Channel I Agro Award-2019 for outstanding […]

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